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B.Sc Psychology

The B.Sc program in psychology is a 3 year 6 semesters undergraduate program following the syllabus and pattern of the University of Calicut. The program is designed in such a way as the prospective candidate after completing the course will be equipped with adequate skills in psychological counseling and other related professions. The well-arranged psychology laboratory would be an informative and pragmatic experience to the students pursuing the course. The program includes various subjects in psychology with human physiology and statistics as complimentary papers.

Intake – University12
Intake – Management12

Note :

Admission to the above course will be notified by the University of Calicut at the beginning of each academic year. The eligibility for courses is successful completion of higher secondary courses recognized by the University of Calicut. The admission can be of two modes viz. University Allotment and Management intakes. The former is done through the
centralized admission process of the university and the latter is directly on merit basis by the management. A registration with the university and obtaining of UGCAP- ID is mandatory for both modes.